Let there be light


A nerdy physics puzzle game

- Multiplatform: Android™, iOS (not available at the AppStore anymore)
- Cross platform level by level online rankings
- Multiple save games per level
- Zoom functionality
- 60 addictive levels

© Torsten Winkler 2014. All rights reserved.

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Long time ago, the mysterious planet Lightlands
was flourishing and flowering
Lighties, the inhabitants of Lightlands,
were the happiest ones in the entire Universe,
they shone with happiness and airiness
until it happened.

One by one lighties started to dim.
Their brothers and sisters tried to lighten them,
but sharing their light power with friends
prolonged their lives just on a tiny bit…

The Lightlands benighted.

Here and there, there were survivor lighties,
but they were unable to help each other.
They just tried to continue shine themselves as long as possible,
waiting for the miracle to happen…

However, one of the survivors, Ligh,
was not waiting for the miracle,
because he knew that he was left ashine
to bring the old prophecy to life!
The ancient books gave detailed description of
how to find the Lightbornlake,
the place where light had been conceived long time ago!

And it is the only place on entire Lightland,
where light will never stop shining!

Now as he found that place,
the only obstacle between him and revived Lightlands
is how to deliver the light to cities.
If only he could do that,
the cities would return to life with all their inhabitants!

The solution was found!

The old delivery sphere could be loaded with enough light
and teleported into the cities, one after another, but…

But from the teleport to the light dispenser
there is a way to go,
and the sphere is not hermetic enough,
so it loses precious light with every meter passed.

Help Ligh to find the shortest way possible
from the teleport to the light dispenser,
enlighten the entire city and save his friends
from completely dimming into nothingness!

At first I thought "what is this cheap atari sh*t?".
But after I figured out what was going on, I thought "what a cool and addicting concept."